Clomid Shelf Life??

  1. Clomid Shelf Life??

    Whats the shelf life of clomid? I have a bottle thats almost 2 years old, is it still good?

  2. I think you may want to chuck that and get a new one. I was told most have a shelf life of a year or so.

  3. Hmm, I really need to figure this out within a few days then. Because Dr.D responded to this same thread on another site, and he said that it would last 2 years, his answer wasn't completely on the topic of liquid though, and am waiting for him to answer back on that.

    And now that I think of it, the shelf life is just a very safe low estimate as to how long it should last. Maybe I'm confusing this with pills and being FDA approved, does anyone know? Will it just degrade slowly over time? or will the clomid be deemed completely useless after the shelf life?

    oh and thanks for your reply to this dagecko!

  4. Most liquid Chems have a shelf life of over a year at room temp. and considerably longer if refridgerated. Although they may crystalize and need to be reheated if placed in fridge. They go bad by loosing there effectiveness, so if they are on there last leg you may need to up the dosages a little. Or you could always just play it safe and get more.

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