Methyl Masterdool PCT question!

  1. Methyl Masterdool PCT question!

    hello all, I am going to be taking a cycle of Methyl Masterdol (superdrol clone). i am only taking 10mg a day for 3 weeks. do i need something as strong as nolva for PCT? i have taken rebound xt in the past for other andro cycles. however, i did a few cycles of superdrol about a year and a half ago, and only used 6-oxo for my pct. i got a little a bit of delayed gyno (lumps under my nipples, about quarter or dime sized). that is what i am worried about again. also, if i do decide to use nolva, i can only get about 30 tabs (10mg) out here in iraq. what would be the best way to utilize those? thank you all for your help!

  2. You did SD and pct'ed with 6oxo and got quarter sized gyno.

    I would look into serms. I wouldn't do the cycle if I couldn't get a proper PCT.

  3. yeah i have the nolva coming, only 30 tabs though. trying to figure out the best way to utilize them

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