Nolva & Proviron

  1. Nolva & Proviron

    First off I want to say Thank You for everyone on here. Over the last year i have gained a wealth of information & insight that has helped me achieve goals that I never thought possible.

    I have been doing some reading on these two items (Nolvadex & Proviron)I have been seeing some mixed ideas on when to take them.

    As a rule of thumb I see Nolva is always good to take while ON cycle during the last half of the cycle. The big question is in regards to the proviron. Some say start it during the last week of the cycle & taper off of the Nolva. But I have also read, take the two simultaneously to stop the negative E effects. I also see where some say that when these 2 work hand-in-hand they really help you achieve a very firm "ripped" look while finishing off the cycle?

    What is the best way??? Dosages etc. if running together/seperate??

    Without going into great detail my diet is in check. Here is the breakdown of the cycle. I am currently on wk 5.

    Wk1-Wk4: Sust 250 750mg/wk, EQ 200mg/wk, Dbol 30mg/ed

    wk5-wk8: Sust 250 500mg/wk, EQ 400mg/wk

    I have been having fantastic gains(strength & size) Sides haven't been very bad besides some Testicular atrophy & a little bit of ED. Acne has flaired up some(granted) but no bad signs of gyno.

    Any input is greatly appreciated:donut:

  2. Novladex is a SERM, meaning it will not control serum levels of oestrogen in your body, it will only help to prevent binding in breast tissue. I.e., it's not going to alleviate bloat. IMO, Prov. should be run from the onset if that is your choice to run it

  3. the proviron first.....because technically it IS a steroid which may or may not have some antiestrogenic it on cycle......have fun youll have wood for weeks

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