Got my toremifene and its white ???

  1. Got my toremifene and its white ???

    I received my Tore today, and it was white liquid and looked like it was or had a powder inside of it to.. I shook it up really well like the directions said, But I do not rememeber seeing that it was white in the other pictures of it I have seen ?
    Does this sound normal ? Is it gonna be ok to use ?
    I have seen where other people have received some things, and they were white when they received it, and they had to heat it up or something like that...
    Is this something that I need to do ? I really would appreicate any help you guys can offer.. I have never used this stuff on my rat before, But I am gonna give it a try this time. I have heard good things about it..
    Anyway, I appreicate any help and info you have to offer

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  2. Hell, I guess I am freakin blind.... Went back and looked at the pic of it from the place I bought it from...A little closer, and It is white... I honestly thought it was susposed to be clear... So, I guess Its all good..
    But any clearfication from someone who has used this would be nice..

    Thanks again...

  3. 21 views and no one knows anything about this stuff ?? Well, I know people use this it, because I have read the threads... But no one can tell me if I am correct on the stuff being white.. All I am trying to do is verify that it is susposed to be white.. I know this may be a dumb question to some of you, but its not to me.. It is a serious question.

    So anyone who has used this stuff, please be patient and and kind and help me out with this question...
    I said I went back, and it looks like it is white in the pic, but I am not totally sure..
    I am used to what Nolva and clomid look like, So this threw me for a loop.. Just looking for a response from someone who has used it.. That is all...

  4. Yeah man, it's white. Sometimes yellowish, it depends on where you bought it from. Just be sure to shake it up real good before you measure out your dose. And a warning: it takes evil. I put the dropper way in the back of my throat so I don't have to taste it, but somehow it manages to get all over my tongue anyway.

  5. Yes, it can be white and clumpy.

  6. It's in suspension, it's normal. Shake it up and add your dropper full to about 20ml of water (a half a shot glass full). Swirl it up for a few seconds and then down it. Any tor in solution crashes instantly and you can hardly taste it. Otherwise it's really bad.

  7. Thank you all for your help and info.. It is truely appreicated..

  8. mine's also white with little specs of undisolved powder.

  9. White - Mint Flavored hope it tastes anything close to how well it smells when it comes time....

  10. Mine is pink and fruit flavored.. Oh, the irony!

  11. It will be ok Pete.. From what I have been reading.. It is susposed to be like that... Hang in there Bro, I know things like this can make you ask questions like this and worry when your a newbie, But its gonna be ok.


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