powerfull and citrux rx in pct

  1. powerfull and citrux rx in pct

    hello bro,

    what do you think about use powerfull and cissus rx in pct for a simple test - equipoise cycle?

  2. There fine. gotta watch with cissus rx though some peeple have gyno issues on it. I've used it succesfully in a few pct's, but got gyno using it on cycle.

    You doing clomid? Nolva? ATD?

  3. thanks for the answer

    yes i use nolava and clomid, this time i would like to une some hgc but i don t know exactly when i must do it.

    my cycle will be something like that :
    test cyp 400 mg + equipoise 400 mg week 1-10
    then 3 week of test prop (running some hgc?)

    then pct with nolva and clomid + cissus and powerful for 3 week i thing
    i want to have the best pct because it s my second cycle and my after my first cycle i had a big crash...
    i m french my english is poor. i hope you will understand me

  4. well hcg, you can either run it at a low dose like 250mcg's 2x's a week through your cycle. Or you can dose it high like 500mcg's EOD for the last 2 weeks. Some people even like it during PCT. you might want to look up swales protocol and go from there. Seems to be tons of views and oppinions on how to utilize hcg.

    Your english is cool. You might want to go more then 3 weeks also, not neccesarily with serm though.

    Check some post by Dr D in this section. particularly the running ATd inverse to serm there are some excellent post cycle layouts there.

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