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  2. Bro - I'm pretty sure 1-test and 1,4-diol (or dione) info is out there.

    It's buried though.

    And I don't get where you are saying there isn't much PH info on AM???
    Dude - every 2nd thread is about Superdrol or some other crap.

    The 1-test and 1,4 stuff is mostly buried - since they were banned in Jan 2005. Look for stuff before that.
    I do agree that there is alot of conflicting info. What you have to realize is that there are really only a few supps that are requirements. The rest (i.e. DHEA or 6OXO or even anti-cort prioducts) are just gravy.
    I.E. There is more than one way to skin a cat...

    It's not that you need to be concerned about elevated estrogen - just that your own testosterone will be pretty damn low. And estrogen relatively pretty high.

    If I were you - I'd trade toremifene for nolva. Less liver toxic.

    I'd also just get AI's Cycle Support. It's ALL you need (save for estrogen and cortisol control).

    I don't like DHEA because it breaks me out badly - but you might try it.
    I also don't like Activate as much as Powerfull. Again - give it a shot.
    I have NO experience w/ 6OXO (because Rebound Reloaded kicks major ass!).

    You might consider adding a creatine formula. I hear we (SNS) have a reformulated CVM Extreme coming out soon that will kick major azz!

    I honestly don't like the formula that is this 4AD+ crap. It has M1T. Totally not a fan.
    Search for the bloodwork on M1T.
    It's serious stuff.

    If it were me - I wouldn't use that. I'd dump it.
    But - you might get yourself comfortable with M1T being in it.

    If it's just lethargy you are looking to help with - you might look at SNS' Focus XT or Amp or Basic Cuts. (Any sort of stim.)

    I think the M1T is enough that I honestly wouldn't even use that 4AD+ stuff.
    Stupid formula in my opinion.

    #4 - the longjack is overkill w/ the Activate. They both block SHBG. The ZMA is nice for sleep quality - but not nearly as good as the new sleep supps.
    Maca might be nice for libido/load size. But, I have no experience with it.

  3. Hey Thanks for the feedback jhm80!

  4. I don't know if Dr. D's recommendation applies to 6-oxo. It's a different molecule than ATD (Rebound).

    You'd have to ask him.

    The nolva dose is fine. That's about standard for any cycle.

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