activate rebound reloaded and 6oxo???

  1. activate rebound reloaded and 6oxo???

    woud that be a good pct or is that too much?

  2. Rebound Reloaded and 6-OXO serve the same purpose, so taking both is not a good idea. We at DS would prefer you take Rebound Reloaded with Activate but 6-oxo and activate would probably be a good combo as well.. just not as good in my opinion. It would be one or the other, but not both. As for what else you might consider using, you would get some good advice if people knew what kind of cycle you need pct for.


  3. Unless you just have 6oxo burning a hole in your pocket - overkill (as TSC said).

    I think you could couple a few things better than Act. with RR.

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