No Nolva/Clomid possible PCT?

  1. No Nolva/Clomid possible PCT?

    Hey all this is my first cycle and I am planning on doing Pheraplex with a little bit of superdrol mixed in (very small at first and building it up through only 3 out of the 4 week cycle) Like Fritzer did in his great log.

    However, I currently have no access to Nolva or Clomid or any similar products so Im wondering if you guys think Im going to be alright or if I should really wait this one out.

    Thus far I have Retain and post cycle therapy from AX, and Cissus/powerfull stack in the mail to help keep as much gain as possible. I was also thinking about picking up Activate and will probably grab that before the conclusion of the cycle and I work in a supplement shop so all the herbs are covered as well.

    While on cycle I have full selection of support sups based on Cycle Support from AI, and then some. Its just these prescription ones Im worried about and havent had a chance to acquire yet.

    I've done all my homework and think I have a pretty good idea of what Im doing and what I need to be doing but I have yet to determine how necessary these harder to obtain prescription drugs are. Most people seem to say they have it on hand "Just in case" and I talk to a lot of people who using nothing but just an AI and seem fine on much harder/more suppressive cycles than me. However, I do want to do this right and hear from some of you out there who are much more knowledgeable.

    So again, do you guys think Ill be ok or do you reccomend any other products I might grab to be safe or do you say just dont do it until I can get a legit SERM? I guess I just havent been able to judge how severe the need is for one of these products as a lot of the threads give mixed messages. Perhaps someone can clear this up for me and others.


  2. I would never do a PCT without a SERM. I say its a no go.

  3. Alright, well I guess I need to work on finding some nolvadex or Tamoxifen citrate.

    How about the rest of my post cycle therapy do you guys think this is going to be overkill for a phera plex/superdrol cycle. I was going for some extra bc I wasnt planning on haveing nolva but should I drop any of that stuff out or is it all gonna be beneficial anyways?

    Thanks again, I really want to do this right.

  4. I agree with Idunk. You never know how your body is going to react to any particular cycle. Whetther or not you use a SERM is up to you. But if I started to develp gyno I would want a SERM sitting right in front of me for imediate use. So what would you do if you did not at least have a SERM handy and the gyno started to develop ??? Just accept it ??? No thanks not for me.

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