Would this be correct?

  1. Would this be correct?

    Bought some tamox citrate for some research i will be doing in the future. Reading that IBE already do the calculations with the citrate it should be 1ml=20mg tamoxifen, right? So what i need help with is making sure i converted this correctly.
    5: nolva 40mg tabs= 2ml tamoxifen citrate/ed
    6: nolva 30mg tabs= 1.5ml tamoxifen citrate/ed
    7: nolva 20mg tabs= 1ml tamoxifen citrate/ed
    8: nolva 20mg tabs= 1ml tamoxifen citrate/ed

  2. correct, sir.

    now you get to do the fun part...taste it!!

  3. thanks irish for your reply. heard the taste isn't too pleasant. i don't think it would be too big of a deal to chase it with some crystal light flavored water, do you?.

  4. I put mine directly into the crystal light, just about 2 oz, it's not that bad than.

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