gyno flare up with 2 weeks of cycle to go

  1. gyno flare up with 2 weeks of cycle to go

    Hey guys

    Im just finishing up a 12 week cycle (my first cycle). 4 weeks pheraplex, 12 weeks test e (500mg week) and 3 weeks of winny (50mg day)to finish it off.

    A friend gave me some winny he had left over from a previous cycle which was enough for 3 weeks go I decided to throw it in at the end.

    No noticable side effects the entire cycle until now when im about a week and a half into the winny. Nipples have puffed up and theres a bit of soreness.

    Started 20mg day of Nolva 2 days ago, no change so far.

    Should I drop the winny and start pct? I'll still have test in me for another 2 weeks. Should I just drop the winny and then start pct in 2 weeks?

    Or should I keep taking the winny and hopefully the nolva will start to help.


  2. Anyone?

  3. Is there a reason why Winny would have caused the flare up? I thought it would be the last steroid to do this

  4. as far as i know that winny is highly androgenic, which means you shouldnt get GYNO while on it, probably the test caused this, yet i'm not sure
    inorder to fight back gyno you need more than 20 mg a day, start with 60mg a day for a few days and taper down as your gyno reverse. just my .02

    Hope the more experienced Guru chime in to correct if i were mistaken.

  5. hmm...i thought winny would actually help gyno.

  6. so did i, im not sure what the go is.

    Im riding it out atm, keeping going on the winny and nolva.

    No change for better or worse, ive only got a few more days to go anyway.

    Hopefully it will disappear once i start pct


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