Questions about getting sick during PCT

  1. Questions about getting sick during PCT

    I've searched, but I'm not sure I really knew what to search for, so forgive me if this is something I could have found on my own. I searched for sick, flu, nolva flu, tamox flu, etc, but didn't find anything relevant.

    I'm in week 3 of my PCT after a SuperDrol cycle. The cycle went great - gains in the neighborhood of 10lbs and strength to boot. I experienced absolutely no adverse side-effects and it was actually the most pleasant cycle I've ever run.

    My first two weeks of PCT went awesome. I couldn't have asked to feel better. As soon as I hit week three though, I started getting diarrhea/upset stomach like crazy. I slept from 1am last night until noon today and energy is far below normal. I'm trying to cram food down my throat despite a drop in appetite. Normally, I'd just assume it was a case of mild food poisoning or the stomach flu, but it happened to coincide perfectly with the drop in nolva from 40mg to 20mg.

    I wouldn't think the nolva would make me sick 3 weeks after I introduced it, but the timing seemed eerie. I know my diet is somewhat low in fiber, but I have never had an issue like this before.

    Any thoughts?

  2. no worries bro, check out the link, its the same movie Not able to train on PCT

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