Should it still be good ?

  1. Should it still be good ?

    I had a bottle of Nolva that I opened in march, and have used it after my superdrol cycle, I am looking to do another cycle in the near future, and I was curious if It would be ok to use the remaining nolva.. I will be getting a bottle of Toremifene (SP) after that.

    Whats your opinion.. Should I use it ? I also have a bottle of clomid that is 3/4 full, Opened it about the same time. Guess I could use it instead of buying the Tore...
    I think I am gyno prone, so I will be taking about 10mg 3 times a week to help fight off any gyno during the cycle.

    Let me here your opinions.. I will also be running cycle support during the cycle.

  2. Anyone ???

  3. LOL, your posts made me sad so I'm commenting....but I really have no answer to your question. Hopefully someone will soon.
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  4. LOL.... Yeah, Its kinda sad.. I figured someone would know this.. Guess I have a couple more people I can ask, But I will give this another day.. I hate to buy another bottle of the stuff if its still good... Its only been open for like 6 months, But I do not know anything about how long its good once it has been open... I just want to make sure I am safe with it.

  5. It should be fine, as long as you plan on using it within 2 years from originally getting it.

  6. Yeah, I plan on using it in the next two months.. Was just curious since it has been opened back in Feb or march, if it would still be ok to use.

    Thanks for responding.. Was beginning to wonder if i had asked a really stupid question, of if I had finally stumped everyone on here...

  7. You'll be fine man.


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