11weeks still not recovered

  1. 11weeks still not recovered

    I finished a cycle on the 16th June and im still not completely recovered. This is my ordiginal thread:
    superdrol+M1,4 cycle , libido killer
    SD 20mg,30mg,30mg,30mg
    M1,4 150,150,150,150

    I ran this for 4 weeks
    Nolva 40,40,20,10
    Activate 4 tabs a day
    Fenugreek 4 tabs a day
    DHEA 200mg,200,100,100

    then on the 26th July started this
    trib (1-2g)
    fenu (2-3g)
    zma 1 serving
    rr (2,3,3,2)
    act only had enough for 2 weeks
    ended this 2 weeks ago

    So after 11 weeks after my cycle im still getting hard on that are only 90%hard? Also libido isnt up like it used to be? My nuts are pretty much all there but I dont get morning wood, any help from DR.D or anyone.

  2. Not that you're looking to spend more money on something that won't work for you but, check out Alpha Drive XL. I've been reading a lot about this and sounds like the real deal. Personally, I haven't tried it out so I don't have any firsthand knowledge of the product, but it might be something to consider.

  3. Well it sounds like your PCT did not restore your natural balance back to where it should be. You are probably still operating at suppressed level. I would suggest a very simple and low dosed PCT. Start over basically.
    Run Nolva: 10mg ED
    and Clomid 50mg ED for 3-4 weeks
    The only other item I might add to that is either fenugreek or trib.
    Remember more is not better in PCT.
    You should only add or take away items depending on how your body is reacting.
    Running the nolva and Clomid together will help each other be more effective and I would only bump the nolva dosage up to 20mg IF you start retaining water or getting puffy nipples. Which I doubt will happen. Hopefully the clomid will stimulate your production of LH and in turn ramp up your body's natural production of Test back to where it used to be. You are gonna be the best judge of how your body is reacting so you should know by week 3 if you need to continue for 1 more week or if that was sufficient. I would bet this will work for you based on what I have heard/read from a lot of experienced users, but then again what do I know, perhaps you should not listen to anything I ever say.

  4. actually thats decent advice, got a similar answer from DR.D , gonna leave ti for a 2 or 3 weeks then do a mini pct, i posted the same thing in the big thread on this page. thanks Colonel

  5. No problem bro, Hope it all works out for you

  6. I'd pick up some cabergoline to lower prolactin and also some bioscience alpha drive xl run both for around 8-10 weeks, add in activate if you can afford it. I bet your prolactin levels are too high.

  7. Yea CHAPS, your right It is very possible he is having some prolactin issues. So, some cabergoline would be the only other item I would add to the post cycle therapy recomendation. Cabergoline I have heard works rather well in helping with erection issues develoved while using Tren or Deca. Here is a slightly modified plan including CHAPS recomendation.

    Nolva: 10mg ED 3-4 weeks
    Clomid 50mg ED 3-4 weeks
    Cabergoline .5mg Every 4th day

    Once again more is not better in PCT I would avoid "throwing in" a handfull of other OTC products "just to be safe".

  8. in the thread that i started (its in my first post on this thread) I gave my prolactin results, ive had blood tests and my prolactin is fine.

  9. hmmmmm then i'd go to an endo, see what's up. Worst case scenero you have to be on hrt.


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