Lead Me in the Right Direction for a Solid PCT

  1. Lead Me in the Right Direction for a Solid PCT

    Ive been taking test E at 375mg for 4weeks and im about to bump it up to 600mg for the remaining 6 weeks. Im also taking about 225mg of tren a week and will be the duration of the 10 weeks. Its my first cycle and so far i am growing pretty good. Now as far as PCT i have a bottle of tomaxifen citrate and I am about to get some clomid. Is this good enough for a PCT or does anybody have any useful info for a better PCT. The guy I buy my supplements from is a bodybuilder and he told me to get some HCG and run that for a PCT. I need help really putting together a solid PCT I dont want any gaps. Some one who knows what there talking about please help!!


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