Anyone with an O-Chem Background

  1. Anyone with an O-Chem Background

    This question is directed toward anyone with a strong O-Chem background, or anyone that has definative info on whether any post cycle therapy drugs could be confused with any of the drugs that are screened for in a standard military urinalysis.

    I've seen a few threads on other sites from people who have claimed that they popped for clomid, but I haven't been able to confirm this. Having been a SACO, I cant even answer the question definatively. I can only make an educated guess that post cycle therapy should not make you pop.

    So the question remains. Can a post cycle therapy drug such as Nolva, Clomid, or Tor be confused for a drug on the list below???

    The concentrations listed to the left of each of the drugs listed are the concentrations required to be considered a positive screening.

    THC THC 15 ng/ml
    COC COCAINE 100 ng/ml
    PCP PCP 25 ng/ml
    COD CODEINE 2000 ng/ml
    MOR MORPHINE 4000 ng/ml
    6AM HEROIN 10 ng/ml
    LSD 2-OXO-3-HYDROXY-LSD 1000 pg/ml
    LSD LSD 200 pg/ml
    MDMA MDMA 500 ng/ml
    MDA MDA 500 ng/ml
    MDEA MDEA 500 ng/ml
    OXCOD OXYCODONE 100 ng/ml
    DAMP D-AMPHETAMINE 100 ng/ml

    If Dr.D or LakeMountD would like to chime in, I would really like to hear their input. So if anyone has contact with them, could you pls direct them towrds this thread.

  2. I don't think so - I'm not even remotely familiar with drugs - but those appear to be stims??
    PCT molecules aren't like caffeine (I'm not familiar with the structure of those listed above) - so I wouldn't think they'd have similar metabolites.

    And - I think you need a bio-chem background. I've taken organic 1&2 - but that stuff isn't covered in either class.

  3. Structurally almost completely different form each of those compounds. No worries.

  4. I take UA's everyday. pct products will not give a false positive. I'm not a chemist though.

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