paper pct after paper only cycle

  1. paper pct after paper only cycle

    i purchased some paperTurin and paperNol for an upcoming OT only cycle. I was thinking 50mg OT ed for 6 weeks followede by the paperNol 40/30/20.

    Any thoughts?

  2. no thoughts? anyone?

  3. i am only going to do 40mg of the turin and see how it goes from there.

  4. You guys can discuss your purchasing procedures and practices on your own board or use an old fashioned IM service. This isn't the place.

  5. jonesboy and pistonpump,

    Fortunately for you guys Jayhawkk is being very patient with you guys.

    I'm not Jayhawkk!!! Consider yourselves on notice. One more infraction and you are out of here. I have had it with this stuff people have been pulling around here.

    Jay, sorry for stepping on your thread closure.
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