Hello all, im going to be coming off an 8 week cutter with test prop in which i had amazing results. but my question is about calorie count when coming off. ive read most people say that you should bump the cals and keep lifting hard/heavy if u want to retain the most mass, but since ive been on a cutter, i have been eating a calorie restricted diet, and now coming off, i would still like to continue the cutter for the next 3 or 4 weeks, but, would the lowered calories inhibit a quick recovery? the only reason i ask is that when i am training naturally and on a natural cutter with a calorie deficit diet, my natural test and libido start to drop a bit. so would it be smart to bump the cals up until i fully recover and then go ahead and go back on a natural cutter until i hit my desired results? thanks in advance.