post cycle training

  1. post cycle training

    I have heard about taking a week off after a cycle to help your body recover from heavy lifting. Is this a good idea and when should tyou take the time off. As soon as your cycle is over or after pct.

  2. I have little knowledge regarding this subject but if I remember correctly contiuing to lift and eating as much as you can is what helps ou keep the gains you made while on.

    THis may aslo get more responses in the PCT section

  3. During your post cycle, its usually a good idea to decrease your volume. That doesnt necessarily mean take off completely. Yes, you would also want to consume larger amounts of food, as OCC said, in order to provide fuel for your newly acquired muscle.

  4. thanks for the info guys. Also do you have to repost this or can you somehow move it to post cycle thearpy

  5. thread moved. Thanks for the heads up OCC!



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