Superdrol Post Cycle Thoughts

  1. Superdrol Post Cycle Thoughts

    I'm finishing up a 16 day cycle of SD and would like any suggestions to possibly help me keep most of my gains.

    I'm 24, not new to PH and the like, 12% BF, 234 lbs, and been lifting for about 6-7 years now.

    Alright, I'm going to be taking Nolvadex for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20, along with:

    Saw Palmetto
    Fenugreek (haven't found anything on best dosage?)
    Milk Thistle
    Red Yeast Rice

    Would anyone be able to add anything to my PCP that would help me retain most of my gains? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks a lot.

  2. I've heard good things about AX Retain. Maybe add CEE and/or NO product as well.

    What gains did you get in 16 days?

  3. Fenugreek has been recommended in other posts starting on three caps, increasing one cap per week until you reach six caps. All the dosage should be taken at night.

    It seems to me that you did not used any suplements to minimize liver damage during your cycle. Milk thistle should betaken 500 mgs twice a day.

    Next time be more careful protecting your liver.

  4. Thanks guys... I have been taking Milk Thistle, 1000mg a day for liver protection.

    Results: I gained about 9 lbs of lean mass (even though I think I put a little fat on around my waist, but you'll have that). I had a pretty decent bench until I messed up my shoulder a few months back so I could only put up 275 for a set of 4 before SD. As of day 14, I put up 325 for a set of 3 (which pretty much got me back to were I should be). My legs and shoulders also got noticably larger, I think.

    Sides on SD were not too bad. Hair shedding was a bit of a problem, but nothing else too severe except for some minor back cramps/pumps. I did notice however, that I have been sweating a ton lately. Don't know if that has something to do with my cycle or what, but it seems like I'm always hot now. Will be getting bloodwork sometime soon to make sure liver is ok, too.

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