M1T/4-AD Cycle. Planning to run 4-AD into PCT. Recommended PCT Tweaks?

  1. M1T/4-AD Cycle. Planning to run 4-AD into PCT. Recommended PCT Tweaks?

    Hi Guys,

    Next week I'm finishing up my second 3 week cycle of M1T. This time around I'm running it with 4-AD and it is a WORLD apart from before - virtually no sides this time... Feeling great and great strength / size gains too! (much better than before, hope I keep it all again!)

    Anyhow to the point, my cycle looks like this:

    Week 1 - 10mg M1T / 400mg 4-AD trans ED
    Week 2 - 15mg M1T / 400mg 4-AD trans ED
    Week 3 - 20mg M1T / 500mg 4-AD trans ED

    I was going to stop both at the same time and PCT like this:

    Nolva - 40/40/20/20/10
    6OXO - 300/300/600/400/300/200

    However I now want to run the 4-AD into PCT to avoid that awful crash and 'empty' feeling that lasts the first few days. I was thinking continuing this for 1 week at 400mg ED.

    Do I need to adjust my PCT? ie.

    Might it have to extend by a week? (or is it long enough already not to matter)

    Should I delay the start by a week? (does the fact I still have exo test in the body delay fire up of natty test production)

    Might I need to adjust the dosing of the Nolva or AI? How big an issue might aromatization be? (or does the fact I'm also using an AI alongside a SERM take care of things?)

    Think thats long enough! Contributions welcome.


  2. the nolva dosage is fine, personally i would use rebound xt over 6oxo. and you should run the 6oxo/rebound low to high when using nolva. Retain or LX is always a good addition to any PCT.

  3. Wouldn't 4-AD at these doses basically keep you shut down as long as you take it? Basically that would mean your first week of PCT wouldn't really count as PCT, but adding another week or so of PCT should basically take care of that...

  4. Cheers Lads,

    I'm running the 6OXO because I already have it, and I'm adopting a kind of 'inverse taper' approach as I drop down from the nolva to prevent rebound.

    I'm basically wondering the same as Rocket - will I remain shut down for the whole of the extended week of 4-AD or will the Nolva manage to at least start to get things firing again in that period? (and really get to work during week 2).

    I guess the question is whether or not the dosage of 4-AD alone is sufficiently high or not to maintain shutdown.

    Any others care to comment?


  5. The more I'm reading about this the more clear it seems that 4-AD is a highly effective androgen and, like others, that shutdown will occur and remain as long as the levels of exogenous androgen (inc test) in the body is higher than the natural T level for a person (8mg a day or whatever figure it is).

    It would also appear that the best / fastest way to kickstart natural production again is by 'shocking' the system (going from lots of T (or substitute) to none) and this is much more effective for triggering startup than trying to taper down (cos it doesn't matter if it's 100mg or 1g you are taking, it is the fact you are above the natural level keeps you shut down, and after M1T that will be full).

    So, what I'm gonna do is this:

    Begin PCT after the final day of M1T, but still continue the 4-AD (500mg) but for only 2 days into PCT (just to combat the sides of the M1T as it's still leaving my system) then PCT as normal.

    I will add 2 extra days onto week 1 to compensate for the extra 2 days of 4-AD.


    p.s. This was a great cycle but won't be doing M1T again though (too risky). Just wanted a quick and dirty no-pin cycle to leapfrog from my plateau to the next level. Certainly got it. Now praying for no gain losses and no gyno scares!

  6. And why anyone would choose not to run post cycle therapy after a cycle when they know all the reasons that they should absolutely staggers me!

    It would be like going from this: :bb3: to this: :chick: in 4 weeks...

  7. I would add some Activate or bulk nettle root. it worked for me. And some LX....good luck


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