Nolva Serm Question

  1. Nolva Serm Question

    In my pct for my Orastan-e/IDS V-50 cycle can i add X-Factor or Activate to my PCT? - Novla SERM 40/40/20/20 with NovlaXT at 25mg/50mg/75mg


    Can i run Novla for 2 weeks. At 30mg/1.5ml, NovlaXT 25mg for 5 days then 5 days of 20mg/1ml, NovlaXT 50mg then lastly 5 days of 10mg or .5 ml, NovlaXT 75mg for 10 days. With Retain also for 4 weeks.

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    For detailed info on tamoxifen look e.g. here Tamoxifen Citrate

    Your other question has been discussed many times.

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    I like to start with Clomid and finish with Nolva. I will typically take high doses the last 2 days of cycle to raise blood levels. I then drop to normal dose.

    something like this:
    Day 1 300mg
    Day 2 200-300mg

    week 1 100mg
    week 2 50mg
    and so on. It depends on length of PCT
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    well i didnt plan to use Clomid b/c prostan is a very weak PH and i was actually told i dont even need novla but to be safe im goin to take it anyway.

  5. biZ-uMp!


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