is this ok for a Prostanznal PCT

  1. is this ok for a Prostanznal PCT

    im going to start with Days1-7 Novadex Xt 4 caps, Rebound Xt 2 caps, and AX Retain 3 caps.
    Then Days 8-14 Novadex Xt 3 caps and Retain 3 caps.
    Last Days 14-21 Novadex Xt 2 and Retain 3 caps.
    Should i take these all at different times or at night. I know the retain says with each meal but the others dont really specify except at night one says. This is after a Orastan-E/V-50 stack and i just got the real Novladex (serm) just in case.

    Or should i just take Novaldex XT 8caps days 1-5 then 6-14 6caps and then 15-30 4caps. with Retain 3 days a day

  2. anyone?!?

  3. You need nolvadex (aka tomaxifen (sp) citrate). Novadex XT is not the same thing.

  4. ok but i was told by many and have researched that i dont need SERM and that RXT or Novladex XT would be enough. I have SERM just incase. Or should i just take the serm anyway. It was a 4 week cycle of Orastan-e and IDS V-50

  5. TotheTop!!

  6. if you did a prostan only cycle novedex and rxt is way too much. I would use only one atd product and/or nolvadex and would not start any higher than 3 pills. a low dosed pct would be fine for your cycle. am I correct about your cycle and how long was it?

  7. it was for a 4 weeks and 2 days. I was told by many thats all i need but i get so many controversial information. Please all PCT Guru's chime in!

  8. Prostanozol is so mild I would'nt think you'd really even need to do a pdt with it. In my opinion, but then again I've always said "screw this legal bull**** get me the real stuff!"

  9. One more thing, clomid or nolvadex"not novadex" work very well for getting you back on track from cycles, real or that crap you can get at gnc.

  10. Use the retain for sure. It is also a good idea to use the ATD, but like the others suggested, keep the dosage low and do not pass 75mg, there isn't a point for this instance. It is a good thing you have a SERM on hand and I think in general, the reason why people recommend to use it as a part of PCT, even with Prostan, is because some are a lot more sensitive to estrogenic rebound and binding to the receptors in the breast. So, if you are having no worries about gyno and are having no signs of it, you shouldn't have to use it. Although, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use 10mg-20mg for the 4 weeks, tapering down. This should also help with HPTA production although there shouldn't be much suppression. Hope that helps.

    A good pct would like like this:

    ATD 50/50/25/25
    Retain 3/3/3/3
    Powerful or Activate - recommended dosage throughout.


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