Please Help The New Guy

  1. Please Help The New Guy

    I WANT To Start An Cycle Of Mega Trn,mega Zol, And Albutrol I Was Wornding Would Maybe Dhea,6oxo,fenugreek,novedex Xt,and Rebound Xt Would Be Good For My Pct Oh And Should I Run The Albuterol On Cycle Or Wait And Run It In Pct Any Feedback Would Be Appreiciated Thanx

  2. Seriously man, quit being so lazy and search the board! You have been asking the same question over and over, when there is plenty of info on this board.

    Dont waste your time, or money, on taking these products, because if your too lazy to search for the answers, then you are definitely by no means ready to take these products.

  3. Actually I Found What Was Looking For Idunk I Dont Think You Should Bash New Guys If They Are Seeking Knowlege Thanx Anyway For Replying

  4. You have to understand that these types of questions have been asked over and over again. Also, this board is here to help people if they have questions that are more specific. Basic questions, such as yours have been asked many times before. I wasnt bashing you as hard as I could have, considering you have asked the same question numerous times. Good luck with your cycle and may this board bring you the knowledge that you seek.

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