Sore Nipples after PCT

  1. Sore Nipples after PCT

    Ok well here's my situation. I just recently finished a 6 week cycle of emax and prostanozol, followed by a PCT consisting of nolva (40, 20, 20, 20), trib, fenugreek, and others. But during my first week of PCT,my nipples became very sore when pressed and are still the same way even 3 weeks after my pct.

    I'm currently cutting with albuterol. On a level of 10, the sorness is a 6. They hurt when I do seated preacher curls and it sucks when I'm in bed with my girlfriend and she wants to get kinky. Or press on them with my finger. Any ideas why they are sore. I still have some nolva left also. Thanks

  2. I was also itchy and scratchy after EM LMG. I'd blast the nolva for 3-4 days at 60 mgs and see how that does you. Where'd you get the Nolva, could that be the problem?
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  3. Yeah I'd up the nolva. My nipples were getting very sensitive and painful to touch, so I added nolva at 40mg daily to my cycle of Test prop and it fixed the problem almost immediately. After the problem subsides keep a maintenence dose of 20mg daily just to be safe

  4. ok thanks. i'll start up the nolva.

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