1. Pp/sd

    what you guys think??

    week1: PP 20mg
    Week2: pp 20mg
    week3: pp 30mg, Sd 20mg
    Week4: pp 30mg, Sd 20mg

    Day 1: Rebound 75mg, Nolva 30mg, Aimidex 0.5mg, Rebuild
    day 2: Rebound 75mg, Ar 0.5mg, Nolva 20mg
    Day 3-7: Nolva 20mg, rebound, Ar, Rebuild
    Day: 8-16: Nolva 10mg, Rebound, rebuild, ar
    Day: 16-20: Nolva 5mg, Rebound, Ar, Rebuild

    Add tribulus too...

    Ok you guys think??

  2. i wouldn't stack the two methyls together. that's super harsh on your liver. is this your first cycle? if so, try out just sd by itself or pp by itself. there are a few logs on here with pp/sd combo. check those out. good info in those logs. they have good pct info in them as well.
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