Planning my first cycle ever need help.

  1. Planning my first cycle ever need help.

    I am planning on trying Superdrol. I have done my research and this is the PH i am going to try. I have never used a PH before so all of this is new to me. I would just like some help planning out my cycle(duration,pct,etc.).I was thinkiing something like this.
    AnabolicX-Perfect Cycle(liver support) throughout
    As for PCT i am kind of confused as to what product or products i sholuld use. This being my first cycle is it nessecary to use nolva or clomid. Or should i just stick with ReboundXT? Any advice or input good or bad would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  2. Try and use the search function,but i highly doubt you will need to go up to 30 mgs especially if this is your first ever cycle,10-20 should be sufficent,also nolva is always good to have on hand for any cycle,search for how to use it with rebound xt for best results,also i would recommend some more ancilleries than just liver support,you will need some taurine for back pumps,hawthorn for BP and some fenugreek ,dhea for PCT.This is about all i can say but use the search function like i said there is lots of good info to be found.

  3. age, stats? I also agree with ripped. you probably wont need 30mg. there are lots of pct theories out there, read this forum and see what you think you need. I would recommend nolva or clomid alone or with rxt.

  4. I probably wont use 30mg, from what i hear i shouldnt need to.

  5. What should my Nolva and RXT cycle consist of?



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