t-bomb II and pct

  1. t-bomb II and pct

    could this be put into a post cycle line up with nolva? i've heard of people using it and really getting their test levels back up.

  2. Theres nothing magical in it, the usual trib stuff etc. Yes you could use it but there are better options imo.

  3. I Just finished a bottle of T-Bomb II..

    I started taking it during my last week of PCT from a 10/20/30 SD cycle..

    I took it as directed and was planning on buying another bottle if I saw any results. Needless to say, I never bought another bottle. I believe that it my be underdosed and if I was to try another test booster after PCT, I am going to try either Diesel Test or Activate..

    Good luck, I hope this helped..

  4. I know some people are going to dis agree, but I used ergopharms 6oxo more than once and got good results, there are other brands with virtually the same compound others swear by, like the gaspari version. For the libido issue if there is one, I liked biotests redkat. I personally used 2 bottles of t-bomb II stand alone and saw nothing either. Superdrol is pretty strong though, a "real" AE would be a good idear IMO. Good luck.

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