High mohn cycle pct advice

  1. High mohn cycle pct advice

    Good evening everyone,
    I'm finishing a very successful cycle of mohn/3alpha/4ad with a m1t kickstart.
    The doses of the mohn peaked at 150mgs a day and were great!(The logs in the cycle section)

    Anyway I'm a bit confused on the proper pct for this cycle. I have nolva on hand and was under the impression this is more for test shutdown and such and to kick in natural test production.

    If some of the vets could give me some insight or advice on a proper pct i would be very appreciative. Thanks

  2. Personally I think a full pct should be done after almost any cycle, but especially one that included m1t. bloodwork back in the day showed that m1t shut ppl down right away..

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