I got sick about 4 days ago. Everything hurt, soar throat, headache, stiff neck. I was towards the end of a PP/Prostan cycle. I stopped the cycle and decided to start PCT.

Thursday morn I took:
2 caps saw pallmeto
2 caps fenugreek
some zma
some trib
and a herbal estrogen blocker (? its old, but was stored in cool dry place, and i had it so figured id use it)

i did fine all day

that night, i did the same exact thing, but threw in 2 caps of Novedex XT-

The next morning I awoke with a disgusting amount of red blotchy hives ALL over my body.

Called the doctor, told him what was going on, he said it sounded like an allergic reaction to what i took. told me i could wait it out, take some benadryl and see if it gets better.

Now a full 24 hours and 5 doses of benadryl later, its worse if not the same.

heading into the doctore today...dont know whats going on...