Best time to take Fenugreek???

  1. Best time to take Fenugreek???

    Im currently in my second week of PCT. But havent really felt anything from the fenotest. Ive read that people have felt the effects like after 4 days. Also, my pee doesnt smell like maple syrup like everyone else. I guess thats a good thing though.

    I'm taking 2 caps of scivation fenotest daily in the morning.

  2. I took mine throughout the day but I took just fen caps not Fenotest

  3. We'll I made a typo in the first post. I take 2 caps in morning, then 2 more 8 hrs later. But I thought the fenotest is a form of fenugreek???

  4. I believe Dr.D suggests taking the entire dose before bed.

  5. I take the entire dose at bedtime and it has worked wonders.

  6. fenotest is NOT just fenugreek..its a mixture of that and trib......just continue as you have..or take all 4 before bed....

  7. take all your fen before bed if you are using DHEA in PCT as well (which you'd take in the AM and afternoon only).

  8. Cool, sounds good. I'll start taking it during bedtime. And DHEA in morning/afternoon. Thanks for the info.


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