Quick Nolva PCT Question

  1. Quick Nolva PCT Question

    I'm starting my PCT on Monday and was wondering when to start taking the Nolva. I seem to remember reading something somewhere about how long to wait before starting certain PCT products after a cycle. I'm just finishing up a 4 week PP/Fini cycle and seem to remember that you just start Nolva the next day or 24 hrs after your last dose of PP and Fini. Can anyone help? Jonny21? Anyone?

  2. It doesnt really matter. If you start it Sunday it wont you. Lots of people take Nolva on cycle to combat gyno. Just start it the last day or the day after you finish. Either day it doesnt matter that much as long as you start it and do it right.

  3. Thanks CNorris. I didn't think it would matter too much but since it's my first cycle I didn't want to screw something up.

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