My PCT Bloodwork Results

  1. My PCT Bloodwork Results

    Had some bloodwork ran this past week, was taken 66 days after coming off. The cycle was quite long to say the least, 27 weeks, and consisted of way too many orals, I would say I was probably on an oral of some sort around 75% of that time, even short periods where orals were stacked, such as dbol/anadrol for a couple weeks- not a wise decision lol. Never noticed any problems on cycle, and now the blood work is showing everything is in pretty good shape. Things probably didnt look so good while on the orals though. Here is everything that was used in the cycle, changing it up every so often, and the dose ranges for each:

    Test E: 250-1500mg/week
    Tren E: 600-750mg/week
    NPP: 375mg/week
    Anadrol: 75-125mg/day
    Dbol: 25-75mg/day
    Anavar: 20-75mg/day

    I know some of the things I did as far as doses and stacking were not smart and unnecessary, I knew the risks and did it anyways, its all in the name of science R= range

    White blood cell count 9.57 R 4.5-11.0
    Red blood cell count 6.19 R 4.4-6.2
    Hemoglobin 17.5 R 14-18
    Hematocrit 51.6 R 41-52
    MCV 83.4 R 79-95
    MCH 28.3 R 26-33
    MCHC 34 R 31-36
    Platelets 263 R 160-450

    Albumin 4.6 R 3.4-5
    Alkaline phosphatase 65 R 40-129
    SGOT (aspartame transaminase) 48 R 15-40
    Bilirubin total 0.6 R 0-1.0
    Blood urea nitrogen 25 R 7.8-21.4
    Calcium, serum 9.4 R 8.5-10.5
    Chloride, serum 104 R 96-109
    Creatinine, serum 1.0 R 0.7-1.2
    Glucose 59 R 66-99
    Potassium, serum 4.7 R 3.5-5.1
    Sodium, serum 145 R 134-145
    Protein, total serum 7.2 R 6.3-8.3
    Calcium adjusted 9.1 R 8.5-10.5
    A/G ratio 1.8 R 1.1-2.5
    Globulin 2.6 R 1.2-3.6
    Carbon dioxide 30 R 20-34
    SGPT (ALT) 58 R 10-44

    Bilirubin (direct) 0.1 R 0.0-0.2

    Bilirubin (indirect) 0.5 R 0.1-0.6

    Testosterone 5.57 R 2.7-11.9

    Everything that is bold is what was out of range. My liver is just slightly stressed, but I had just finished up nolvadex a bit prior to taking these blood tests and was running clomid before the nolvadex, so those were probably the reason my liver was stressed. The test was taken around 1pm and I ate like 1 hour before I had them taken, had 20oz fat free milk blended with 1 cup oats, 1 scoop whey, and 6 egg whites, so with that, I can not figure out why my blood glucose is so low?!? It shoulda been fairly high since I had just eaten, maybe someone can chime in on this subject, maybe I am insuling sensitive or whatever you call it, it really spikes up and clears the glucose after I eat, that would be nice if thats how it is.....maybe thats why i can eat so many carbs and stay relatively lean.

    I was hoping testosterone levels would be a little higher, but the tests were taken at around 1pm, and test levels naturally drop during that part of the day plus I was kinda sick when I had them taken, so that also could have had an impact on it. So I like to think they are higher than what they tested at To tell you the truth, I am happy where they are as I was wondering if I had permanently screwed my HPTA up, this cycle was 27 weeks long, there was an 8 week "off" period before that which was a pct that turned out to be no pct at all due to the fact I got the bad batch of RXT back in april, so there was no real pct then other than tribulus and zma, oh mighty tribulus lol! That pct was for a 13 week cycle which was fairly heavy also, so in those 48 total weeks, I was off a total of 8 weeks and not even a real pct was run. I am considering myself pretty lucky with that. HCG was ran throughout both cycles, so I believe that had a large part to do with my successful recovery. Now I feel great and am making gains in the gym naturally. Like I said earlier, my little disclaimer lol, I know the things I did were not wise or safe, but I did know the risks and possible consequences of my actions and was willing to take that risk.

  2. I was hoping to have my cholesterol levels checked and I thought I specified that, but I guess not. I plan on getting my cholesterol and testosterone checked one more time before I get back on.

  3. Lookin good Nate...very informative. I do think HCG use throughout cycle is the way to go.

    I'm pretty amazed your liver is not crankier after all that but then again, it can adapt to toxin exposure pretty well..just look at lifelong alcoholics who somehow don't end up with cirrhosis.

  4. what was your HCG dose on cycle?

  5. Throughout the cycle it was usually 250IU 3x week, M/W/F. I didnt run HCG continuous through the whole cycle, probably 70% of it. I would run it for 3-5 week spurts, take a couple weeks off and just kinda go like that. The last 4 weeks of the cycle I ran 500IU eod, and the last 10 days of the cycle I ran 500IU ed. Also ran it through pct for 3 weeks at 250IU 2x week.

  6. Total what did you gain during this cycle (cycles)? That is after all was said and done. BTW 27 weeks plus doing tren E and NPP wow I am still waiting to try both of those I will probably just do 1-test cyp instead of tren E cause I have so much laying around. How did you like NPP stuff has always intrigued me


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