I'm competing in a PL event (local, nontested event, non USAPL), and was wondering if anyone here has experience doing a cycle leading up to a meet. This is my cycle plan (oh, and it will be my first cycle):

Superdrol 10/20/20/20mg

Support (preload -1 weeks, then throughout SD and PC, daily doses):
RYR 1.2g
CoQ10 60mg
Taurine 3g
Fish Oil 2g
Vitamin C 2g
Saw Palmetto 1g
Hawthorne Berry 1g
(Perfect Cycle) 2 serv. (AM/PM)
Milk Thistle
R[+]-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Nolvadex 30/30/20/10mg
Rebound XT 25/50/50/75mg
Frenugreek 2/3/4/5 caps
Possibly ActivaTE based on Dr. D's suggestions

The superdrol would start 5 weeks prior to meet, with 4 weeks on and the last week off (starting PCT in week 5). I will of course continue PCT for 3 weeks (maybe more?) after meet. I was suggested to take the last week off since I will "continue to make gains the week after cycling off the SD".

Is this logic correct? Would you cycle the SD right up to the meet instead? Will the week of PCT knock me too hard to peak correctly? Any glaring problems with my cycle and PCT plan? (I know the SD/PCT is beaten down here worse than Tina with Ike, so just point out aggregious mistakes). I'm mostly concerned with the peaking aspect, hitting it right at meet time. I know, a lot of questions. Thanks in advance.

BTW, a lot of my research came right from in this forum, kudos fellas on a well run and comprehensive forum!