Please comment on my PCT plans (Nolva + 6OXO) for my M1T cycle

  1. Please comment on my PCT plans (Nolva + 6OXO) for my M1T cycle

    Hi Guys,

    I am going to run 4x3 week long cycles of 15mg M1T back to back with 3 weeks PCT inbetween them (with a 6 week PCT after the final one).

    So it looks like this:

    Weeks 1-3 -> 15mg M1T ED (with Milk thistle / hawthorn / Q10 / Multi-vit etc etc)
    Week 4 -> 40mg Nolva / 3 caps 6-OXO ED
    Week 5 -> 30mg Nolva / 4 caps 6-OXO ED
    Week 6 -> 20mg Nolva / 3 caps 6-OXO ED
    Week 7-9 -> 15mg M1T ED (tapering the Nolva to 10mg ED on week 7)
    Week 10 -> 40mg Nolva / 3 caps 6-OXO ED
    and so on

    After the 4th and final M1T cycle I am running a similar PCT (as above) for the first 3 weeks with the remaining 3 weeks tapering the Nolva and OXO right down to 0.

    I have just begun wk 3 of the M1T and so far I'm doing well with minimum sides. However this is my first cycle so how I react during PCT still remains to be seen. I am terrified of getting Gyno so I am trying to play it safe and cover all bases by using a SERM and an AI but does what I have planned look like a good Gyno-preventing PCT? Or could it be better? I have all the ingredients already but am I wasting my money using the $$$ 6-oxo in this way? Is the dosing right? etc etc.

    Any comments welcome.



  2. You probably shouldnt run the 2nd m1t cycle so soon. M1T is probably the harshest oral out there as far as liver damage. Also, your adrogen receptors probably dont have enough time to recover fully. You should probably just run a 2 week cycle, then 2 or 3 weeks of PCT, then wait at least a month (probably more), then go get bloodwork done. Then if everything comes back ok, then consider running another m1t cycle.

  3. Thanks for the reply idunk,

    I will follow any good advice that I get from experienced members and any advice which is to err on the side of caution when it comes to this stuff is good advice. Cheers I will review my cycle with this in mind.

    I guess the original question still stands though. I got loads of Nolva and 6-OXO set aside for my PCT, so what do you think the best way to use these coming off a 3 week cycle of M1T at 15mg? I will be beginning my first PCT from next monday.

    After the advice earlier, and from the comments of others in similar posts I'm inclined now to supplement for 4 weeks like this:

    Nolva - 40/30/20/10
    6OXO - 3/4/5/3

    with at least 2 more weeks (prolly 4) afterwards "au naturel"

    I still have a few bags of Animal M Stak lying around so I might chuck a couple of them in during the early weeks to see if they help to kickstart things.

    This sound better? - is it a good gyno risk-reducing strategy? (No danger of an e-rebound off the OXO is there?)

    Christ you must get this kind of crap all the time eh?



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