Gyno ??? What do ya think...

  1. Gyno ??? What do ya think...

    I am now finishing up my 3 weeks of Superdrol.. Will start my PCT tomorrow..
    Now, I have a question for ya.. My right nipple has been looking kinda different to me for about a week now, and the last two or three days, it has a slight little itch to it..It seems that the outside of the nipple looks different.. Am I just reading to much into this or what .. It has no bumpes under it or anything.. I have been reading reveral articles about it this evening, and I cannot decide if it is or not..

    What do you think... And help or advise would be appreicated...

    Sorry the pic are bad.. I had to take them myself..

  2. look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Is this how my chest normally looks?
    if the answer is no, get Nolva on board in conjunction with proper PCT.
    what is your PCT going to look like? what was your superdrol dosage?

  3. Thanks Grrr... I already knew about that.. Like I said, I have read alot about it before I started SD, and even now, I am reading about it... So I am guessing you think I have gyno ?

    Thanks for your info...
  4. powerlifter6920
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    I think it is the start of gyno... But that is just my personal opinion. Sorry Bro.

  5. I wouldnt freak out...i have two painful lumps under my nips right now and they dont look that much different. Get some Nolva or some Rebound XT and do what you can to make the symptoms go away.

    Dont work yourself into a panic because of some itchiness.

  6. I am not worried yet... Like I said, it does not itch much at all.. Just kinda looks different to me... But sometimes, it will itch alittle.. It is not sore or anything else..

  7. Quick question.... Will the clomid take care of it, or should I also go ahead and get the Nolva .... I will be starting my PCT tomorrow with the retain and clomid and milk thistle etc.. Or should I wait on the PCT and do the nolva for a few weeks, then start my PCT... Sorry, I just walked in the door from working on my jeep, and now I have to get my little girls down to bed.. I will do some more searching in a bit... But any help would be appreicated..

    Thanks again...

  8. I used clomid, didnt seem to work. I would get some nolva if i were you or some rebound XT.


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