AX rebound vs PCT

  1. AX rebound vs PCT

    Just curious who has done PCT with both Rebound Xt and AX PCT and how you would compare the 2 (not together obviously)? Preferably combined with Nolva for PCT.

    Just a little discussion

  2. For me, AX PCT was far more effective and enjoyable then RXT.

    Here's what my PCT for a 6 week PP/SD cycle consisted of...

    Tamox- 40,40,20,10 (ml's)
    PCT - 4,3,3,2 (caps)
    Retain - 3,3,3,3 (caps)
    Fuze - 2,3,3,4 (caps)

    All cycle I gained 15lbs. and kept 8 (so far). I am currently on week 4 of PCT and all strength has stayed ( again, so far), and I really look and feel more cut. I seem to respond very well to the PCT and Retain.

    Anyway, a little comparison between the two.

    RXT shut my libido down until week 3-4 of my last SD cycle's PCT. Also skin was really oily. Never had any dry joints or anything like that. Did seem to help keep strength up during PCT.

    This cycle I used PCT and Retain in place of RXT and LX, and I noticed a huge difference. In the first week I noticed a huge leap in libido and sexual interest. It didn't bring me back to 100% until the end of week two, but still, it was nice to feel like myself again. It also brought the boys back in record time. And Again, I had pretty oily skin for the first week, but joints never seemed to get sore.

    Personally, I'm really impressed with the product. I know others haven't responded very well, but for me it's a much better choice than RXT.

  3. Thanks for the input, I have both but have already started RXT, next cycle I'll give the PCT a whirl. I was just looking for some impressions and I appreciate the response.

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