Help me get a Gyno-stack

  1. Help me get a Gyno-stack

    Ok, I'm at the point where I'll try anything to get rid of my gyno.

    Heres my story. I've had gyno since I was a little kid. Always been thick and muscular, but these saggy nips really make the entire body look soft. Getting rid of these would increase my appearnce 500%. When its cold out and they're hard, I'm very confident without a shirt. About 2 months ago I ran a superdrol cycle, already having pubertal gyno. Used all the support supplements. 6oxo, fenugreek, and nolva/clomid combo for PCT. PCT didn't do anything for sex drive or gyno. Really had no effect on me for some reason. PCT ended about a week ago.

    I'm at the point where I feel the need to run a Gyno-only stack. Give me what you would feel is best, and I'll be the lab rat.

    Topical fat burner?

    Give me a stack.
    Thanks a lot guys.

    Also, I dont know if this will help..But it cant hurt.

    The "gland" that I can feel comes in from the middle chest and goes into the nipple. Its a little bigger than a pea, and its connected to like a 'hose' going towards the middle of the chest. Nothing big, can only feel it for maybe a quarter of an inch, but can tell it goes towards the middle from both nipples.

    Next, I basically have a "fat band" that goes from the outside of my nipple, under my arm, and to my back. This greatly hurts the appearance, making it look saggy.

    Don't know if that will help at all.

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  3. You might want to read this thread:

    These other estrogen control mechanisms might be of use.

  4. Please post what your cycle and PCT looked like. Thank you!

  5. I have realised the hard way that its not what you take for PCT, but HOW you take it. Order and correct dosing is extremely important, but first I had to understand what it all was doing so I could tweak it here and there to work for me. As a result of proper PCT, even a few weeks after the incorrect PCT, the gyno went away. How long was the cycle and what was your pct regiment?

    PS Renegade...when are we starting that "Support Healthy Organs" thread? - Grrr

  6. PCT was Nolva/Clomid combo 20mg+50mg/mL x 60, fenugreek, and 6oxo.

    Cycle was 10, 20, 20 with TONS of support sups.
    Nolva/Clomid was 60 40 30 10

  7. sounds good from what I know. Dr D recomends an inverse taper on the nolva vs AI. High doses of AI in early pct is pointless. there isnt much estrogen to aromatize, so SERMS like Nolva are used first, then tapered down,while the AI tapers up to manage the increasing estrogen. this worked for me. I have also seen posts that recommend 8 week nolva and rebound PCT, but i have no experience with this.


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