What is the best product for DBol bloat?

  1. What is the best product for DBol bloat?

    In an upcoming Test E/Deca/Tren cycle I will be frontloading Dbol for the first 4 weeks, In the past I have been prone to gyno from this (I have used Nolva for gyno and L-dex for bloat) but this time I plan on using Aromasin(exemestane) when gyno starts to show.
    Is there another product that I can use with Aroma for the bloat? Or is Aroma good for bloat as well? Didn't think I should use 2 AI at the same time (Aroma and L-dex)

  2. I would just use Aromasin or the L-dex ldog, I really don't see the need for both. Watch your sodium (plenty of water) and eat clean and you *shouldn't* bloat all that much unless you are extremely prone to estrogen. I can get gyno and not bloat, so I do not think they go "hand in hand" per say. Either way, thats a extremely suppressive cycle, hope you have HcG and keep a long and tell us how it goes!

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    Bloat is good for size and strength. On a test e cycle I used some dandelion root to knock mine down a little. I won't do this in the future due to the advice I just gave you. The only thing that I'll be watching like a hawk is my BP.

  4. thanks for the advise grassroots and greenfeather. I will stick with Aromasin and see how it goes. FYI, I do watch sodium, drink 1gal+ water, and eat very clean. The bloat and gyno usually hit me late week 3, and is bad for about 3 wks, dbol is stopped in wk4 and the bloat leaves a wk or 2 after. I was just looking to stop the 3wks of looking like a marshmellow.

  5. Letro will completely eliminate any bloat from Dbol.

    While a lot of folks here shout from the treetops about Letro lowering estrogen too much to the point of danger, it should be noted that Letrozole has the best safety profile of any cancer drug ever made. Better by far even than A-dex. Femara had so few adverse events in clinical trials that it was given accelerated approval in record time. I've seen the data firsthand at the time it was collected. The stuff can't be beat as far as safety goes.

    I think people praise estrogen far too much when it comes to it's role in liver and cholesterol health. It is one of a myriad of factors, not the be all and end all many make it to be. As such, there are many other things one can do to ensure your HDL remains high and triglycerides remain low even in the virtual complete absense of estrogen. Celery Seed and Fish Oil help as we all know.

    I myself am becoming more and more a supporter of HIIT cardio during a bulk. Treat the HIIT like a weight training session; with a pre-workout and post-workout meal. Keep HIIT sessions on their own; do not tack them on as addition time to a workout.

    HIIT will do more benefit for your heart than any amount of estrogen ever could.

    When HIIT is done in this manner it will not in any way cut into muscle gains, and can in fact AID in muscle gains. On top of that, your endurance will increase, you won't gain as much fat and may even lose fat, and your heart health increases tremendously.

    Final recommendation:

    1) Add HIIT workouts
    2) Take Celery Seed and plenty of Fish Oil
    3) Take Letro to eliminate the bloat

  6. I'm one of those lucky few who don't bloat no matter what I take but other's I know always take adex with success. You have more then a few choices here take your pick. But one should be enough.

  7. I don't know a lot about Letro... will it do anything for gyno sides during cycle or will it be necessary to use nolva for that?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by JimJames
    I don't know a lot about Letro... will it do anything for gyno sides during cycle or will it be necessary to use nolva for that?
    Letro works very very quickly because unlike anastrozole, it is specially tailored to penetrate adipose tissue; where most aromatase exists. As such, it kicks in within a day or two and peaks at about 97% aromatase suppression. Anastrozole takes over a week to peak, and maxes out at under 80% suppression.

    Still, I wouldn't use Letro as a reactionary tool, I'd just run it straight through. It's far safer to run than Nolva is, and seeing as how you'll be suppressing 97% of all aromatase at a dose of 0.75mg or higher per day, there is pretty much no chance of building enough estrogen to even make you THINK of gyno.

    Only one compound I can think of, Letro will do nothing for that Nolva will. Anadrol. That's because Anadrol binds directly to the estrogen receptor without having to aromatize. The thing is, that's where Anadrol gives you the vast majority of its gains. So Nolvadex would only really serve to hinder those gains to a degree.

    As far as I see, the only reason to not run Letro is cost. If you're bulking and you don't care much about water retention, it is far more cost effective to just keep some Nolva onhand as a just-in-case, rather than run Letro through your whole cycle.


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