doing some research about PCT

  1. doing some research about PCT

    alright im starting superdrol sometime soon after i finish reseearching....

    i was wondering if this would sound like a good PCT to run

    T3 both by NxCare
    and also Tribulus alone.

    think that will get the boys filled back up and bring me back to a horny dog once again?

  2. Read a whole lot more about PCT.

  3. Exactly what B5150 said.

    For your own health, steer clear of the Phera-Max/Pheramone-X, M-TRN, etc. for a while. I would do a lot more research before you decide to run Superdrol again, either.

    Study up on diet & training for a while, then PCT & the particular compound/supplement. You will dramatically improve your permanent gains & overall health for the long run.

    Hey, I've been researching for over 10 years, and I'm still learning.

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