First week of PP goin good. PCT q inside

  1. First week of PP goin good. PCT q inside

    I started my PP cycle since I was still waiting for a few other things to go along with a SD cycle. I have put around 2lbs on or so and lost a few % of BF. My strength increase is VERY VERY nice so far. I have noticed serious hardening of the muscle right now as well. I know most say they start gaining after 2 weeks but right now my back workout has skyrocketed. I am going to round this out for 4wks then a 2 wk stint of SD. My main question though is what kind of PCT would one need for just PP? I have Nolva and Rebound but I am not too sure if nolva is needed, or only in case of gyno. I also have DHEA and Fenugreek to do with PCT.

    If my next cycle is just PP what should I do for PCT?

  2. no matter how small the cycle is I treat them all the same. I have a hard time keeping gains pct so I throw in all the extras. just dont let estrogen go too low and you should end up with higher test levels than you started.

  3. I did the same cycle as you I gained roughly 15 lbs just used novedex extreme for two weeks. No nut shrinkage or gyno I loved it. In fact I bulked up tooo much, I can't run as fast anymore.

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