nolva help

  1. nolva help

    I took masterdrol for 3 weeks at 20mg/ed then hopped on m-test 2 for 4 weeks at 24mg/ed then took 17-alpha oxo nolone (by IRON TEK) for my pct. 2 weeks into pct my right nip started to swell a little and a little sore I finished the bottle of 17-alpha oxo nolone at the recommend dose. so I picked up some nolva thinking that It might be gyno symptoms.

    Unsure what dosage to take the nolva? I only have (30) 10mg tablets. will I need more?

  2. I am going to guess you may need more unless you are just trying to eleviate the simptoms. From what I have read you need to start at about 40mg per day for the first week, which is 28 tabs right there. Then decrease over the next so many weeks. You may be able to just subside the effects in a week but dunno.

  3. might want to do a search

  4. Thanks a lot parttimer I'm going to order more today

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