Nolva Expiration?

  1. Nolva Expiration?

    How long is liquid Tamoxifen Citrate food for? I've had mine for around 6 months or so... am I to assume it is no longer useful? It has been in a box in my closet, so it has not been exposed to light, but it has not been refridgerated either.

  2. My TC is a little over a year old. I hope it's still good... Subscribed...

  3. I've read 2 years, but I really can't remember where I read it. Sorry but I do remember Lion saying his products would last 2 years.

  4. If I'm not mistaken, Lion adds some sort of preservative to make it last that long.. What about Non-Lion Nolvadex?

  5. I used mine after it was a year and it was just fine.
    From what I've read (this board), it should be good even longer.

  6. Should it be kept in the fridge?


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