Need advice on PCT

  1. Need advice on PCT

    Just finished a 6 week cycle, 4phera then ending with superdrol/prostan. Libido is bleh.

    My pct is as follows (4 wk)

    Nolva 40/30/20/10
    ATD 50mg/50/50/50
    Retain 1 dose per day
    ZMA 1 dose per day
    DHEA 200/150/100/50
    BlueRhino 2 doses per day
    Trib 2gm/3gm/4gm/5gm
    Fenu 1.5/2.5/3.5/4
    Stinging Nettle 1.5gm per day
    DIM 200mg per day

    If that doesnt get the boys up and about I was thinking of running a Diesel Test cycle after that

    My biggest concern is the ramping up/down of ATD. Ive run novadex XT and ultrahotter before (not in a pct) using the standard dosage, worked pretty well. Also any particular time to dose nolva? I usually do it 1-2 hours before bed.

  2. nolva has a long half life, so dose it whenever. atd dose at night, dhea morning. when are you taking the retain? zma at night. fenugreek at night.

  3. zma/fen/atd all at night
    nolva maybe after dinner or sometime thereabouts
    retain/dhea, during the day usually with my test booster

  4. If taking retain during the day take it first thing in the morning or about 4hours after waking. this is when your cortisol levels are highest. the rest looks good.

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