Tamoxifen Citrate vs Tamoxifen

  1. Tamoxifen Citrate vs Tamoxifen

    is there a difference between these two? If so, what are the dosage differences. Thanks in advance.

  2. Did you do a search? This has been covered many times now..


    NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) Tablets, a nonsteroidal antiestrogen, are for oral administration. NOLVADEX Tablets are available as:

    10 mg Tablets:

    Each tablet contains 15.2 mg of tamoxifen citrate which is equivalent to 10 mg of tamoxifen.

    20 mg Tablets:

    Each tablet contains 30.4 mg of tamoxifen citrate which is equivalent to 20 mg of tamoxifen.

  3. thank you.

    I have 20mg tabs of Tamoxifen. I am getting close to starting my pct for a 3 week SD cycle. My cycle is 10/20/20. With what you said above and with what I said I had, what should my Tamoxifen daily dosages be per week?

  4. The Search is your friend.

  5. Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Nolva 40/30/20/10

  6. Quote Originally Posted by PVSkyHigh
    Nolva 40/40/20/20
    Nolva 40/30/20/10
    too long. Three week cycle+three week pct. Do 40/20/20 and you'll be fine.

  7. thanks for the replies guys.

  8. is it better one way or another to take this stuff with food versus an empty stomach? Also when doing 40mg, should I take both tabs at the same time or split them up?

  9. Ok you really need to search. But to stop these questions, you can take it w/ or w/o food, dose all 40 before bed.
    The only time I split up nolva dosing is if it is high and I am also taking clomid. When I was taking 50mg clomid and 60 nolva I took 50clom/40nolva before bed and 20 mg nolva in the morning.

  10. thank you

  11. NOlva has a long half life and you can take it any time really, but some people prefer before bed, as hormone levels rise during sleep.


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