Lump under left nipple. Gyno?

  1. Lump under left nipple. Gyno?

    My last cycle was Max LMG/SD for 3 weeks followed by a 3 week pct. This ended approximately 4 months ago. The PCT was mainly Rebound (no Nolva - bad me) as far as anti-estrogens are concerned.

    My g/f and I broke up. I have just started feeling a lump under my left nipple. It's swollen slightly, but does not itch. The hard lump covers about the same area as my nip. I noticed that my nipples were sensitive when my gf and I were still together.

    I was thinking of getting IBE's USP TAMOXIFEN CITRATE but am unsure how to dose it for this purpose. The only abnormal supp I was taking was Dicana. I have taken this b4 and don't think this has anything to do with my nip. Is this just hormones fluctuating b/c of worry/slight depression of the break up?

    I stopped the Dicana, none-the-less and have started RBXT at 2ed. Any suggestions/criticizims are welcome.

    Also, I was planning a SD/Prostan/PP cycle near the begining of March. If IBE's product clears this up, how long after should I wait? Would using E-Form or something similiar during the next cycle be advisable? Thanks to every1 in advance.

  2. use nolva in your PCT... and 20mg of nolva = 30mg of tamoxifen citrate... nolva dose x 1.5 tamoxifen citrate will u the correct doseage

  3. Hope things clear up. How was the gains on the cycle? Havent' heard much feedback on SD/Max LMG stack.

  4. everyone is gettin gyno!

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