PCT help Needed

  1. PCT help Needed

    Can anybody give some insight on PCT using HCG, Nolva and a AI? I feel these 3 are my best bet, but I need a little help as far as usage. Thanks for anything.

  2. More info needed such as:
    What did you run a cycle of?
    For how long?

  3. I ran a cycle of M1T for 4 weeks. Then took 4 weeks off. Then another cycle for 2 on 2 off. This was March of 2004. Sounds scary for how long its been, but I used 6oxo, fenugreek, nolva and clomid. Just tried them all at different times, but no solid results. I'm thankful I have inspiration to go to the gym and eat healthy, because if it wasn't for that....I'd be **** out of luck.

  4. Can anybody help me? I really need help.

  5. Are you saying you're still suppressed from your cycle?

  6. Anybody..

  7. Most likely talk to an Endo... but maybe the good doctor can throw a few things out there for you.

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  8. Well seeing an endo will almost be impossible because of my doctor won't allow it. Can anybody give some insight on using these products. I plan to run 3 weeks of hcg at 500iu a week, 20mg of nolva for 6 weeks and a AI of some sort and also adding 1000iu's of Vitamin E.

  9. First of all, if your doctor doesn't allow you to see an endo & you're having problems...he's an idiot & you need a new doctor.

    I don't know what your previous PCTs were like but I'm guessing if you're still suppressed it's cause they weren't good enough for the cycles you ran. JMO.

    If I was you, I'd try something like this before I go see an endo.

    wk1: Clomid 150mg/d, RXT 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, Reduce XT 75mg/d
    wk2: Clomid 100mg/d, RXT 25mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, Reduce XT50mg/d
    wk3: Nolva 60mg/d, RXT 50mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, Reduce XT 50mg/d
    wk4: Nolva 40mg/d, RXT 50mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d, Reduce XT 25mg/d
    wk5: Nolva 20mg/d, RXT 75mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d
    wk6: RXT 75mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d

    Throw in HCG 500iu/week & this should help get things kickstarted once agian.

  10. Could you send and IM to me...I can't do it on this site. I need to get some other info on these products...Thanks

  11. You can't PM unless you're a board supporter. If you want to talk to IM me my screen name is xxtruxx1.

  12. This may sound like a dumb questions but how do you become a board supporter?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by PVSkyHigh
    This may sound like a dumb questions but how do you become a board supporter?


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