Tapering Nolva After Gyno Symptoms Resolved

  1. Tapering Nolva After Gyno Symptoms Resolved

    Ok so Ive been on 60mg Nolva since those initial pre-gyno symptoms for the last 4 days. Pretty much symptoms are gone, but will stay on 60mg for another 3 days.

    At that point how should I taper in order to minimize E-Rebound?

    I was thinking each week dropping it like this...
    Wk 1 : 60mg ( what Im in now )
    Wk 2 : 40 mg
    Wk 3 : 20 mg
    Wk 4 : 10 mg.

    Or any other suggestions appreciated.

    Also when would it be safe to start another cycle? Something mild like T-Bol or Var.

  2. Anyone? I guess I will just stick to my gameplan then.

  3. If the symptoms are gone taper down to 20mg for another 3-5 days. That is if they are completely gone.

  4. I dont see a problem with playing it safe and doing a complete pct style taper. keep in mind the long halflife of nolva.

  5. ATD have the benefit of NOT causing estrogen rebound? (Dr. D mentioned this before, don't have link handy right now)

    So couldn't you reverse taper with some increasing ATD doses as you bring down the Nolva dose to keep everything in check?

  6. I dont want to take ATD, that may have caused the problem in the 1st place!

  7. whats up with a product at Nutraplanet called ********? would this be a PCT product or no?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by charliewat
    whats up with a product at Nutraplanet called ********? would this be a PCT product or no?
    Pretty darn sure ******** is a generic clone of MaxLmg......so NOT a PCT product.


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