Total Test levels for a 19 y/o

  1. Total Test levels for a 19 y/o

    Hey guys I had blood tests done a few weeks ago and I found out my total test was 525 or 475 I forget. But it was in the normal range 300-1200 so I didn't think much of it. Well today I was reading a magazine today and I read that having a level around 400-500 for a 30 year old is low. So I was wondering if this is something I should check out. I read up on it and I have a lot of the symptoms including iratitibility, off and on depression, erectile dysfunction, lack of concentration, and hot flashes. If anyone could give some insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Btw I posted in this sections because I wasn't sure where to post this and figured you guys would know the most about test levels.

  2. welcome to the board - very mature for 19.

    in short, optimal levels are 500-827. At worst you are low-normal and changes in diet/ general nutrition at 19 will do wonders. read the following and also get your 'free testosterone' level check if you are still concerned.

    Total Testosterone
    Some men have their total testosterone measured. Standard reference ranges are between 241-827 nanograms/dL for most laboratories. Many older men are below 241. Optimal levels of total testosterone for most men are between 500-827 nanograms/dL. If your levels are lower than 500 nanograms/dL or even a little higher and you still have symptoms, you should check your free testosterone by the Direct (RIA) method.

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  3. Moved here because it was better than you getting your butt in trouble for posting where you weren't supposed to.. and this was the closest fit

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