Nolvadex and HCG after 12 week Test Cyp Cycle??

  1. Nolvadex and HCG after 12 week Test Cyp Cycle??

    After a 12 week 500mg a week Test Cyp Cycle, should i start my HCG on the 12 week at 1500 IU every 5 days for 4 weeks. Then run Nolvadex at 40 mg for 2 weeks then 20mg for another 2 weeks????? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.. Thanks guys..peace

  2. are you already at the end of the cycle? if not, run the HCG throughout the cycle at 250iu's 2x/wk

  3. I haven't started my cycle yet. I'm just trying to make sure I got everything straight b4 I started. Right now I have 4 vials of test cyp(12 weeks on) nolvadex enough for 4 weeks at 40mg for 2 weeks then 20mg for 2 weeks. I'm still trying to get some HCG. So that's the only thing holding me back. Anyways what's the difference between running it on cycle as opposed to running it for pct? Thanks for the reply bro.

  4. HCG is suppresive, you do not want it in PCT. Run during cycle to prevent shutdown. Your boys will stay hangin low and it will make for a smoother transition through PCT. You are going to need more Nolva, what if gyno flares up? Have enough to run through cycle if needed and enough for PCT. Also consider adding some rebound XT and Lean Extreme to your PCT protocol.
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  5. as a matter of fact I just got the call right now. So I will be picking up 2 10000 IU vials with needles tommorrow for 100 bucks. Is that a good price or no?

  6. I pay $25 each and only need one for a cycle. Run week 4-14 at 250iu 2x ew =10000iu.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    HCG is suppresive, you do not want it in PCT.
    Depends who you ask. Anthony Roberts over at Avant/M&M reccomends HCG during PCT, and I like his protocol for it. A link for those interested:****35

  8. i've seen worse prices but that's still rather steep. i go international so i'm paying rock bottom.
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    Ok, well I can get mre nolvadex no prob, and for a recap I will be taking test cyp 500mg a week for 12 weeks. Take HCG starting week 2 thru 12 at 250 IU's 2 x a week(should I take this right after I take the test cyp or what?) And then start with nolvadex at how much again and for how long( isn't it that nolvadex will hinder your gains while use on cycle ?) Thanks guys for the input so far. I'm getting HCG thru prescription so I guess that's why its so much.....

  10. Does not matter when you take it. Run 4-14 as cyp has a long ester and it will take a month or so to really kick in and the cyp will stay active in your system for a couple of weeks after your last inject so you will want to wait at least 2 weeks before starting PCT. I like to run something those last couple of weeks to keep me going strong while the ester cleaves off. Maybe some SD, transdermal test base or prop.
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  11. i take my hcg the same day as my injection just because it reminds me, otherwise i'd most likely forget about it. prescription HCG? good on ya.

    bp's suggestion is good to go for hcg. as for closing, prop or base are great ideas to close with if you have them available. real smooth transition into PCT.


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