need some input

  1. need some input

    I have a couple of ????
    this is what I am using for PCT right now

    IGF1 100mcg ed
    letrozole 2.5mg ed
    powerful 6caps ed(USPS LABS)
    fenugreek 6g ed
    maca 4g ed
    yohimbe 3g ed
    Z-MassPM 4 caps ed
    superpump 250

    Does letrozole put a hurting on ur sex drive???? how long can u use letro for??? How do u know if ur estrogen is to high or to low?? should I take lero in the am or pm???

    reason I ask..
    I am having ups and downs with mood,energy, and sex drive..
    Does the estrogen have anything to do with it???
    What do u think is the best anti e for a pct cyle like this.

    Put on 8 more solid pounds during PCT... Holding solid at 205lbs about 7% body fat. and I am 5 f 9 inches.
    I am happy with the gains..

  2. drop the letro bro. or at least drop the dosage considerably, ~0.5mg/ed. yes, letro can effect libido. screwed mine all up.

  3. Do not use Letro for PCT. It is suppressive! To be used on cycle only. Use Nolva or clomid or both but deff not Letro. And yes it can kill libido. 2.5 mg ed is waaaaay too much. Do some research BEFORE starting a cycle.
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  4. bp, i agree with you on the letro during PCT thing but i'm starting to read it being more and more common to run a low dose AI during the first week or two of PCT. it's purely speculative but it seems to help a lot of guys out.

  5. Gotta admit, I usually run Letro the first week myself. But def not the whole PCT and def, def not at 2.5mg ed, LOL
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  6. What is a good anti e that does not kill ur libido??

    does rebound xt???
    that is adt, right???

    Do u guys think I even need any
    anti e s

  7. ADT (rebound) works awesome during PCT. combined with lean extreme was my best PCT ever.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    Gotta admit, I usually run Letro the first week myself. But def not the whole PCT and def, def not at 2.5mg ed, LOL
    word. i didn't even take 2.5mg during cycle.

  9. what do u think of Nolvadex XT
    by Gaspari Nutrition....


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